Theme: The Total Woman

About the Excel Woman Conference
The Excel Woman Conference is an annual women’s conference that brings teaching and encouragement to help Women Succeed God’s way, in essence, the accomplishment of success according to God’s will and based on His word.
A Revelation of The Total Woman

The Total Woman is healthy - Spirit, Soul and Body. 
She is Progressing and Growing in these areas, according to God's will, and by His grace.
The Total Woman is whole in Christ, and through Christ.
The Success of the Total Woman starts with, and is based on her being spiritually healthy, followed by a healthy mind and body by God's grace and for His glory.
Her health and well-being in these areas contributes to her overall success in all other God-ordained areas.
It is important to note that this is all for God's glory - The Total Woman is becoming, moment by moment, who God has called her to be and fulfilling her God-given purpose in life.
Supporting Scriptures: 

Proverbs 31: 29-31
Guest Speakers:
Debola Deji-Kirunmi - Spiritual Health
Betty Irabor - Mental Health
Adedamola Ladejobi - Physical Health


It was life-transforming from the beginning to the end of the conference (there was no part that dropped).

The momentum was building from one high level to another.
I loved the practical part of everything, using what we were thought to accomplish our goals on a daily basis.
It was spirit-filled with women sharing ideas.
I.O., UK
Hospitality Professional
It was a wonderful experience.
The content of the teachings was valuable and applicable. The conference has influenced my life in a positive way.
T.O., UK
Health Professional